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Digital sight word flash cards curated from the Dolch and Fry word lists. Covers high-frequency words in books and schools for pre-kindergarten (Pre-K), kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. Proven to help teach words kids need to become fluent readers.

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What Are Sight Words?

What are sight words and why are they important?

Sight words account for a large percentage (up to 75%) of the words used in beginning children's print materials.

Sight words are frequently used words that young children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize these words in print without having to use any strategies to decode them.

The advantage for children being able to recognize sight words automatically is that a beginning reader will be able to identify the majority of words in a beginning text before they even attempt to read it. Teachers often encourage children learn to recognize as many sight words as possible, whether in the home or classroom.

Recognizing sight words automatically is said to be advantageous for beginning readers because many of these words have unusual spelling patterns, cannot be sounded out using basic phonics knowledge and cannot be represented using pictures.

Sight words, also known as "Fry sight words," "Dolch sight words," "Dolch word list," or "Star words" are common words in the English language that children are encouraged to recognize without sounding them out using phonics. These words are often encountered in children's books and other elementary reading materials. They appear so often that it's beneficial for young learners to memorize them for more fluent reading. Words like "go," "what's," and many others are included in sight word lists.

Learning sight words is a crucial part of literacy instruction in early education. Sight word activities are designed to help kids become familiar with these words through repetition and practice. This set of words includes many that don't follow standard pronunciation rules, making them somewhat tricky for young readers. Sight words can include nouns and other parts of speech that hold meaningful context in simple sentences.

A fun game or an app (like ours!) can make sight word activities more engaging for children. Parents or caregivers can help their kids practice sight words at home, reinforcing the instruction they receive in school. This practice, along with the use of sight words in children's books, helps children read with more fluency and comprehension.

Sight words are very high frequency words and are a particularly common sight in many children's books. Recognizing these many words can help a child read more fluently and with better understanding. The mastery of these lists, which include words like "the," "and," "it," and "in," among many others, provides a solid foundation for a child's literacy development. The idea is that by the time a child is a grader, they will have a good overview of these words and have them embedded in their vocabulary and understand their meaning.

Automatically Recognized

Children will be able to instantly recognize sight words simply by seeing them.

No Decoding Necessary

Sight words are known to be difficult to sound out. Children that know their sight words don't have this issue.

Develop Fundamentals

Sight words help children master reading fundamentals like reading, writing, spelling, and sentence building.

Improve Reading Speed

Sight words help your child improve reading speed, fluency, and comprehension.

Multiple Sight Word Flash Card Sets

Multiple Flashcard Sets Included

Our digital sight words flashcards include over 38 flashcard sets, which include over 2,000 sight words when combined. Each set is color coded by grade level. We include the first Fry 100 sight words for free!

Color coded flashcard sets make learning easy and fun!

Fry Sight Words

The full list of Fry Sight Words are included. We also include the first 100 Fry Sight Words for free!

Dolch Sight Words

All the Dolch Sight Words are included in our paid plans.

High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words are an essential part of learning sight words. We include them in any of our paid plans.

Most Common Words

The most common words found in early children's literature are included in any of our paid plans.

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